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Ride Rating System

The BAC has a Ride Rating system that can tell you what to expect while on one of our rides. Learn more...
NOTE: You are viewing the older version of the Ride Rating System that was phased out after 2012.

Click here for the New rating descriptions


Difficulty Level 1
- Easy Terrain

Flat, with some hills, but not too long or steep. Examples: East Wisconsin, Mississippi, Coastal North Carolina, north shore of Massachusetts, northern Florida, The Netherlands.

Difficulty Level 2
- Moderate Terrain
Most of the terrain we cycle is moderate. There may be frequent hills, but seldom exceeding 8% and uninterrupted climbs seldom exceeding 1200 feet. Daily vertical totals should be generally less than 2500 feet. This is terrain the average cyclist in good condition can handle.
Difficulty Level 3
- Difficult Terrain
This is for the strong cyclist. The average cyclist needs special conditioning prior to cycling difficult terrain. There may be frequent, uninterrupted climbs exceeding 1500 feet vertical with grades sometimes in excess of 10-12%. Less steep, but long climbs at altitudes exceeding 7500 feet also quality for difficult. Daily vertical totals generally exceed 3000 feet. Examples are: The Alps, the Pyrenees, the Rockies in Colorado, Utah, Montana, and Canada.


Length Level A up to 45 Miles (72 Km) per Day
Length Level B 45 to 55 Miles (72 to 88 Km) per Day
Length Level C 55 to 70 Miles (88 to 112 Km) per Day
Length Level D greater than 70 Miles (112 Km) per Day

Commercially Supported

The Commercially Supported icon on the left tells you if the ride is supported by a commercial outfitter

Alert! - Read the Description Carefully

Read the Description Carefully!There are some rides that will not exactly match the Ratings as stated; for example, a 2B ride might have hills steeper than 8% or distances longer than 55 miles on some days. In such cases the "Alert!" icon warns you to read the Ride Description very carefully."

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