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Corsica - The Isle of Beauty

  • Arrival
  • 5/11/2023
  • Departure
  • 5/24/2023
  • Ride Director
  • Rosa Katz
  • Ride Co-Director
  • Arleen Sakamoto
  • Starting Location
  • Bastia, Corsica, France
  • Finishing Location
  • Bonifacio, Corsica
  • Estimated Cost †
  • $3000
  • Deposit
  • $1500
  • Number of Riders
  • 22 (min. 20 /max. 22)
  • Space Available
  • 0
  • No. of Pending Riders
  • 0

Ride Rating

4B  Warning - Read the Description Carefully

Sorry, no map available.

† Explanation of BAC Ride Fee – This fee is not included in the Estimated Cost and is non-refundable once submitted. The Ride Fee for US and Canada is $50 and $100 for all other countries, both are per participant.

Ride Description

Ride Description

 OVERVIEW: This is a directed tour, rather than a commercially assisted tour.  It was originally led by Randy and Lucy Glover.  Thank you Randy and Lucy for allowing us to take it over!

This 13-day ride includes the most scenic routes in Corsica. It runs from May 11 - May 24, 2023.  We begin  in Bastia, the capital of northern Corsica, and end in Bonifacio, a beautiful port city on the southern tip of the island.

Corsica is a small island with a dramatic mountain range in the middle of the Western Mediterranean, 105 miles from the coast of France and 50 miles from the coast of Italy. There are 21 peaks that rise above 2,000m (6,562ft) and more than 200 beaches. Corsica, ‘Kalliste', France’s Island of Beauty, has been French for over two hundred years (Napoleon was born there). It has its own distinct character with its own language and unique culture, which makes it different from mainland France. There are no high-rise buildings, no fast food chains, no motorways and it has vast stretches of unspoiled coast and countryside. The Corsicans are proud and independent people. Compared to mainland France considerably less English is spoken. All road signs are dual language Corsican and French (for example, L'Ile-Rousse, L'Isula-Rossa).

RIDE RATING: This will be a challenging 4B ride. Four days have over 4,000-ft of climbing, with the two toughest days over 43 miles, with 4,500-ft of climbing.  There are 9 required riding days and 3 optional riding days. Riders should be prepared to handle narrow, unmarked, winding roads with an absence of shoulders, while experiencing spectacular vistas.  Most cycling is on roads with light or moderate traffic. This ride is for experienced riders who like to climb. A link to maps, cue sheets, and digital/gpx routs will be sent to riders after final payment.  You should download your own routes and print your own maps and cue sheets. This ride most recently scouted by the Ride Leaders in May, 2022.

WEATHER: The temperatures average 65°F, but can get as high as 75°F. The average low temperature is 55°F. Nevertheless, expect the unexpected. Weather varies from the coast to the mountains. Be prepared for warm, cold, wet, dry, calm and windy.

LODGING: We will stay in mostly 3 star hotels.  We tried to select hotels with good restaurants and allow the chef to propose the menu featuring regional specialties and fresh seasonal dishes. We have 5 group meals. There will be three, 2-night stays during the trip.

LOGISTICS: The trip starts at 6:00 PM on May 11 in Bastia, Corsica, France and ends after breakfast on May 24 in Bonifacio, Corsica, France. You can get to the trip by flying to Bastia airport (BIA) and leave the trip from Figari airport (FSC) near Bonifacio. You will be responsible for your transfer from Bonifacio to Figari; the taxi is approximately 90 Euros. You can also get to Bastia and Bonifacio by ferry.

COVID: All participants must be fully vaccinated, including booster shots, if applicable, and voluntarily present vaccination documentation for viewing by Ride Leader.

Tandems and e-bikes will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.  Talk with the leaders about this. Bike rentals are available in Corsica. It is the responsibility of the participant to contact and arrange delivery of the bike.  The rental contract is between the participant and the company.

GROUP DINNERS: We use your Preferences in your Profile to try and accommodate your special dietary needs. However, if you have strict dietary needs, we may not be able to accommodate you.

COST & ADMINISTRATION: Preliminary cost estimate $3000 per person double occupancy at $1.17/Euro for 13 nights including 13 breakfasts, 5 dinners, nightly happy hours, luggage van, transport of bike boxes to the hotel in Bonifacio at end of the ride, daily route review and sightseeing information.  Not included are all lunches, eight dinners, beverages with dinners (other than water), and happy hour on the 2nd night of each two night stay.  Everyone will receive one drink at happy hour (with or without alcohol).  Additional drinks can be purchased at the bar. The final payment may need to be adjusted if the exchange rate is less or more favorable.  As always, any funds not used will be refunded to participants.  Initial deposit is $1500 with an additional payment of $1500 on February 1.

SINGLES: Space is limited as some hotels do not have enough rooms.  Speak to a ride leader if you’d like to be a solo; the solo supplement is $864. It is recommended that singles wanting to share a room try to find their own room-mates. The Ride Leaders can also assist singles to find a room-mate. When a single applies for the ride, they will be placed on the ride and given 30 days from the time of sign-up to find a roommate.  If they are unable to find a roommate within 30 days they will have the option to receive a full refund (minus the BAC fee and payment processing fee) or pay the solo supplement fee of $864.  If a single pays the supplement, they may continue to seek a roommate, but must plan to participate without a roommate if necessary.  Solo supplement payments are due 30 days from the time of sign-up, and should be made by check and sent to BAC. Checks should be made out to “BAC” with a notation of the tour name included on the check and mailed to:  Bicycle Adventure Club, PO Box 23998, San Diego, CA 92193

CANCELLATION POLICY: The BAC ride registration fee and payment processing fee is not refundable unless the entire tour is canceled due to participation below stated minimum requirements. Refunds of tour payments will depend upon whether a replacement rider signs up, and on costs that can be recouped. The amount refunded will be based on the principle that the tour’s remaining participants will not incur any additional cost as a result of cancellations. If the canceling participant is replaced, a refund will be made at that time. If the canceling participant can't be replaced, any refund will be determined after the ride and final expense report are completed. If a single participant cancels and another roommate cannot be found, in addition to other costs that cannot be recouped the canceling roommate may also be liable for the solo supplement fee of the roommate remaining on the tour. BAC encourages members to purchase trip cancellation insurance.

RIDE PARTICIPANT RESPONSIBILITY: Please remember that BAC Ride Leaders are volunteers, and that successful tours depend on participants providing much of their own support. Participants are expected to come to the ride well trained, in good health and ready to accomplish the required daily riding using well-maintained bicycles. All participants should accept responsibility for a safe and enjoyable tour. We encourage you to read the ride description carefully and respond to requests from Ride Leader. While on the ride, support your Ride Leader with offers to help with various tasks such as happy hour preparation and clean-up. Please do not interfere with the ride by inviting non-participants onto any portion of the ride or tour. Please keep the Ride Leader informed of any special request you may have and respect the Ride Leader’s decisions.

INSURANCE: Before participating in any BAC tour, you should assess whether your medical and travel insurance coverage is sufficient. BAC maintains insurance that covers expenses related to accidents, medical emergencies such as sudden and unexpected sickness, and repatriation. This coverage applies when touring outside the US, regardless of your nationality. It will cover you door-to-door for a maximum of 90 days but will expire if you make a side trip not related to the BAC tour for more than 7 days before or after. There is limited coverage for a family member to join a covered person in an emergency. The policy covers the cost of treatment for Covid and other unexpected illnesses, but not quarantine. You should ensure that your vaccinations are up to date.

SIGN-UP: To submit a request to join this ride use the "links" displayed above this Ride Description. When you are accepted, the Ride Leader will move you from the Wait list to the Pending List. At this time you will receive an email notification to login to the BAC website to sign the release of liability form and pay the non-refundable BAC ride registration fee and the initial tour deposit $1500 by credit card. As soon as your deposit has been processed, your name(s) will be added to the Participant List. To contact the Ride Leader, "click" the name at the top of this Ride Description.


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