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Ride Info

Ride Overview

The Dordogne, Perigord and Gorges of France

  • Arrival
  • 5/17/2025
  • Departure
  • 5/31/2025
  • Ride Director
  • Lucy Glover
  • Ride Co-Director
  • Randy Glover
  • Driver
  • Barb Rudolph
  • Starting Location
  • Bordeaux, France
  • Finishing Location
  • Toulouse, France
  • Estimated Cost †
  • $3000
  • Deposit
  • $1500
  • Number of Riders
  • 24 (min. 24 /max. 24)
  • Space Available
  • 0
  • No. of Pending Riders
  • 0

Ride Rating

2B  Warning - Read the Description Carefully

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† Explanation of BAC Ride Fee – This fee is not included in the Estimated Cost and is non-refundable once submitted. The Ride Fee for US and Canada is $85 and $100 for all other countries, both are per participant.

Ride Description

This tour was led in 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2022. The tour cycles through Perigord, famous for truffles and foie gras, and follows some of the most beautiful rivers in the world (the Dordogne, Vezere, Lot and Célé), and goes into the gorges of central France. We visit castles, museums, cathedrals, grottos, caverns with fantastic formations, and Cro-Magnon cave dwellings. Some of the towns we visit are Bordeaux, St. Emilion, Brantome (the Venice of Perigord), Les Eyzies, Sarlat, Conques, and Cahors. There will be 2-night stays in Les Eyzies, Sarlat and Cahors.

Participants must be vaccinated for COVID with whatever age appropriate vaccine doses are recommended by the CDC prior to starting the tour. Participants will be asked to provide verification. Participants must also comply with all local health mandates.

Participants are expected to come to the tour in good health and ready to ride. Should someone's health become compromised and the group’s health and safety placed in jeopardy, a plan will be developed by the ride leader(s) and communicated to all individuals. The expectation is for the group to work together to mitigate any spread of infection or illness as a means to ensure the tour can continue as planned.

We will meet with tour participants 60 days prior to the tour start date using a video conference to discuss as a group how we will proceed if participants get sick. All participants must attend the video conference. You may be required to wear PPE in public, maintain social distance in public and limit social gathering in public depending on whether there is a COVID outbreak in the area. COVID tests may be requested. Ideally we would like to consider our group a COVID-free bubble.

The trip is rated 2B! with an average daily distance of 41 miles and average elevation gain of 1870 feet. There are 3 days that exceed the 2B rating with 3500 feet of climbing over 58 miles, 2800 feet of climbing over 55 miles and 2335 feet of climbing over 55 miles. Cycling is mostly on lightly traveled secondary and tertiary roads, with a few sections of primary roads (not highways). Participants must be comfortable using maps and route sheets.

Electronic versions of maps and route sheets will be provided, and participants are expected to print their own copies of them. GPS tracks will be provided for those who want them, but it is up to the rider to know how to use his or her GPS or phone app before the tour begins.

The weather can vary from 50 to 80 degrees. Extreme weather conditions are possible in the Alps so be prepared for cool weather and/or rain. Expect the unexpected and be prepared for any weather. Check your favorite weather site on the web just before your departure for a long range forecast.

The accommodations on this trip are mostly owner-operated, very nice 4-star hotels, with a few 3-star hotels. Daily route reviews before our group dinners will include a glass of wine, beer, soft drink, juice or water with a small snack. Drinks at dinner are normally extra. Overnights are in beautiful country inns, castle hotels and chateaux.

We use your Preferences in your Profile to try and accommodate your special medical and dietary needs. In order to provide you with some choice we ask hotels to serve two main dishes to each couple. If you receive one dish and prefer the other, you may trade with others. Very few hotels allow a group to order off the menu and some insist on serving only one main dish. Participants may not wear blue jeans, shorts or t-shirts to group dinners.

The tour will meet in Bordeaux on May 17, 2025 at the Marty Hotel and depart after breakfast on May 31, 2025 in Cahors. Most people fly to Paris (CDG), take the TGV from the airport to Bordeaux and take a city train to a stop near the hotel. You can also fly to Bordeux (BOD), but may require more than one stop. At the end of the tour a bus will be provided to the Toulouse airport. The first meeting and dinner will be at the hotel with the meeting beginning at 6 PM and dinner at 7:30 PM. The van's primary role will be to transport luggage and supplies, as well as transporting of bike boxes. While it will be available to assist with any emergencies, it will not serve as a sag vehicle and participants are expected to complete the ride each day. We will have a luggage van and our van driver is Barb Rudolph. Tandems and e-bikes are welcome, but riders are expected to bring or arrange for their own bikes. If you're considering an E-Bike, please talk with the Ride Leader.

Cost estimate $3000 per person double occupancy at $1.17/Euro for 15 nights including 11 dinners, 15 breakfasts, luggage van, maps, route sheets, daily socials, bus to Toulouse airport and sightseeing information. Tickets for sightseeing are not included. This is only an estimate as it is dependent on the value of the Euro. Initial deposit is $1500 with additional payment of $1500 on October 1, 2024. Note: The final payment may be adjusted depending on currency exchange rate fluctuations.

Singles are welcome, but encouraged to find compatible roommates and/or riding partners. Ride Directors will introduce and assist singles to find roommates, but singles must make their own rooming decision. We do not accept solos, as the number of rooms available are limited.

The BAC Ride Registration Fee and Payment Processing Fees are not refundable unless the entire tour is canceled because the number of participants registered is less than the minimum established for the tour. Refunds of tour payments will depend upon whether a replacement rider signs up, and on costs that can be recouped. The amount refunded will be based on the principle that the tour’s remaining participants will not incur any additional cost as a result of cancellations. If the canceling participant is replaced, a refund will be made at that time. If the canceling participant can't be replaced, any refund will be determined after the ride and final expense report are completed. If a single participant cancels and another roommate cannot be found, in addition to other costs that cannot be recouped the canceling roommate may also be liable for the solo supplement fee of the roommate remaining on the tour. BAC encourages members to purchase trip cancellation insurance.

Please remember that BAC Ride Leaders are volunteers, and that successful tours depend on participants providing much of their own support. Participants are expected to come to the ride well trained, in good health and ready to accomplish the required daily riding using well-maintained bicycles. All participants should accept responsibility for a safe and enjoyable tour. We encourage you to read the ride description carefully and respond to requests from Ride Leader. While on the ride, support your Ride Leader with offers to help with various tasks such as happy hour preparation and clean-up. Please do not interfere with the ride by inviting non-participants onto any portion of the ride or tour. Please keep the Ride Leader informed of any special request you may have and respect the Ride Leader’s decisions.

Before participating in any BAC tour, you should assess whether your medical and travel insurance coverage is sufficient. BAC maintains insurance that covers expenses related to accidents, medical emergencies such as sudden and unexpected sickness, and repatriation. This coverage applies when touring outside the US and your home country, regardless of your nationality. It will cover you door-to-door for a maximum of 90 days but will expire if you make a side trip not related to the BAC tour for more than 7 days before or after. There is limited coverage for a family member to join a covered person in an emergency. The policy covers the cost of treatment for COVID and other unexpected illnesses, but not quarantine. You should ensure that your vaccinations are up to date. Coverage is subject to a $1000 deductible. 

To register for this ride, use the sign-up links just above the Ride Description. After preliminary acceptance, you will be moved to the pending list and receive an email requesting you to go back to the BAC site to digitally accept the terms of the Release of Liability (ROL), and pay the Tour Deposit and the non-refundable BAC Ride Registration Fee by credit card.. As soon as your deposit has been processed, your name(s) will be added to the Participant List. BAC members with questions may contact the Ride Director by "clicking" the name at the top of this Ride Description.


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